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Thursday Evening Skate

The Central Park Skate Patrol, Inc., hosts a weekly THURSDAY EVENING SKATE - TES every Thursday evening from the beginning of May through end of September. This FREE GROUP SKATE is organized, run and marshalled by certified skate patrollers/instructors of the Patrol. It is a social, casual, "RELATIVELY" EASY SKATE OF THE TRAFFIC-FREE CENTRAL PARK ROAD LOOP, 6.1 miles or 5.2 miles option. It is not a "starting beginner" skate. Skaters must know how to skate. There is the option of the 5.2 miles, 104th Street "flat" cut-off road for those skaters not wanting to do, or uncomfortable with the big, Great Hill/Heartbreak Hill downhills and uphill on the North/Uptown end of the Park. The entire loop with four rest/water stops along route should take about an hour in the beginning. Central Park Skate Patrollers will lead, sweep, and marshal the skate to keep it organized, safe and fun! Patrollers will give tips to help skaters improve their individual and group skating skills within limitations of the group skate. But, it is not a "skating lesson" session.

HELMETS AND WRISTGUARDS REQUIRED. Recommended, all other protective gear including, but not limited to elbow and knee pads, blinking lights and light colored and/or reflective clothing for night visibility.


All skaters welcome! This is not a "starting beginner" skate. SKATERS MUST BE ABLE TO STOP, TURN, KEEP UP WITH THE MODERATELY PACED GROUP, and know or want to learn how to skate with a group.


Thursday Evening Skate (TES) meets on Thursday at 7 PM and starts rolling at 7:15 PM. To find out whether TES will take place this week, please check here and sign up. The skate is cancelled if it is raining or the roads are wet.


COLUMBUS CIRCLE ENTRANCE TO CENTRAL PARK, between 59th and 60th Streets, at the Statue the Maine.


DINNER AND DRINKS in local restaurant/bar, depending on group decision. Those going to restaurant pay for their own food, drinks, tax, and tip.

"Let the Good Times Roll with Thursday Evening Skate"

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