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Skate School

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The Skate School is organized and run by the Central Park Skate Patrol, and directed by Michael Grebinsky. For information not provided here, contact the skate school at skateschool@skatepatrol.org or see the current skate activity calendar.


See the registration link below to view class schedule and availability.

All instructors are members of the Central Park Skate Patrol and are certified by Skate IA.

Appointments for intermediate lessons are available according to demand.


Beginners Classes:
Covers: The basics--Standing, Ready position, V-walk to glide, Stroking, Heel stop, A-frame turns.

Advanced Beginner Classes:
Covers: Improved stride, Improved stopping, Swizzles, Parallel turns, Spin Stops, Street Skills.
Please register for this class only if you can skate comfortably and confidently and stop effectively by using your heel brake.

Intermediate Classes:
By appointment only.
Covers: Improved stroke and glide, Skating backwards, Forward cross-overs, T-Stops, Backward swizzles, Advanced heel brake.

Private Lessons:
Receive more personal instruction. Private lessons are schedule at a time and location convenient for you. To schedule a private lesson simply email skateschool@skatepatrol.org with your preferred dates, times and area and we will arrange for an instructor at our earliest availability and will inform you of the cost.

Cost and Duration

Cost for group classes: $25 per student, $45 for a 2-lesson package, or $60 for a 3-lesson package.

Class size is limited to 12 students. Please register early to reserve a space. Classes last about 75 minutes.

In case of rain or wet roads check the Meetup page to find out whether the class has been canceled.

If you have your own equipment, please arrive five to ten minutes before the scheduled class time to fill out release forms so we can all leave for the park on-time.

Class sizes are limited, so pre-registration is highly recommended. Walk-ons will be enrolled on a first-come first-serve basis.

What You Need

Helmets, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads are required.


For latest schedule updates, weather-related cancellation info, etc., please contact the skate school at skateschool@skatepatrol.org or see the current skate activity calendar. If you have further questions please email skateschool@skatepatrol.org.


Click here to register for classes.

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