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The Central Park Skate Patrol encourages new volunteers to join our ranks and have a blast with us as we promote safety and fun in the world's greatest skating venue. The Patrol teaches hundreds of skaters a year how to stop. We hand out thousands of Band-Aids to skaters, joggers, bikers, and other park users. We use communications gear to call for help in the case of injuries, and we provide directions and assistance to thousands of Park visitors from all over the City, country, and world. We help people, meet new folks, get exercise, sun and have great fun.

Time Commitment

We ask our volunteers to commit to an average of one three-hour shift per month. Shifts run from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Occasionally there are special events outside of these hours where you can earn "extra credit". We know that people have lives and jobs and vacations, so that's why it's an average; if you are traveling a lot on business one month, for example, do an extra shift on another month. Keeping up your shift participation keeps you eligible for free stuff when we get it (wheels, bearings, etc.

One special event is the Big Apple Roll on the first weekend in August. This three to four day event leads hundreds of skaters through the streets of NYC. We lead the safety patrol for this important annual event. We enjoy all the group skates, socializing, and fun that is included. We need every skater for this important event so mark your calendar now.

Occasionally we have parties. Members bring their organizers and date books and get together to pre-register for shifts, hear Patrol news, trade stories, catch up with friends and enjoy some food and drink. Usually something like pizza along with beer, wine and soft drinks are served. These are not mandatory but are great fun and attendance is encouraged when possible.

Requirements (Skating & Otherwise)

The emphasis is not on being an elite skater, but rather on being competent enough to teach the basics and set a good example. You should be comfortable enough to to a loop of the park (6.1 miles or almost 10K) in about 45 minutes. We never race, and this is not a good time to practice speed skating, but you should be able to get from point A to point B in a hurry, if needed. You should be able to skate backwards in front of a student at slow speeds on a shallow incline in order to offer reassurance and guidance. You should have a heel brake and know how to use it. You should also be able to demonstrate at least one other type of stop, such as the t-stop or spin stop. Remember, we are only insured to teach basic movement and basic stopping with the heel brake, but as teachers, we need to be a few steps ahead of our students.

In addition to a heel brake, all Skate Patrollers must have and wear their own helmets and wrist guards. We also recommend that you wear knee pads and elbow pads.

Still Interested?

Our next certification class will be held at the North Meadow Recreation Center at 97th Street right in the middle of Central Park. Bring skates with a heel brake, helmet and wrist guards, and a pen. Date and time TBA.

For more details about upcoming new patroller certification classes, email president@skatepatrol.org.

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