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The Central Park Skate Patrol in New York City was the first chapter of the International Inline Skating Association's (IISA) National Skate Patrol. We are a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization that operates from April through October and give an average of 5,000 braking lessons a year at our free Stopping Clinics.

During our more than twenty-five years of existence we've taught over 50,000 people how to brake! There's no way to measure exactly how many accidents we've prevented, of course, but we've surely saved thousands of people many headaches—both literally and figuratively—and prevented many visits to the hospital.

Skaters who are interested in more extensive lessons are encouraged to sign up for our Skate School, whose IISA-certified instructors offer expert instruction at competitive rates ($25 for a 75-minute lesson).

The Skate Patrol also assists the Police and Parks Department with traffic control during special events in Central Park such as operas, concerts, skate races, and other events organized by the Parks Department in which a large number of people enter the Park.

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Interested in joining the Skate Patrol? See this page for more info.

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